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Our recent feature on CBS news and Global Innovators & Disruptors.

Our Focus

We build and invest in exceptional individuals who share our ethos.


1. $2M-$10M EBITDA
2. HQ in U.S. or Canada
3. CPG & Food Distribution
4. Flexible deal terms
5. Typically 30-60 day process


1. >$2M ARR
2. Global
3. Food, Health, & B2B Software
4. Invest at Series A and above
5. Typically 30-60 day process


Our majority owned acquisitions we currently operate.

Unipac Packaging Products

Recently featured in the Global Innovators and Disruptors.

North American food distributor. Visit website.


A salesforce admin service to help you crush goals instead of tools.

Automate your salesforce admin. Learn more.


Full service Amazon agency to help you launch, build and access over 300M shoppers a year.

Packaging (stealth)

Food packaging company with a focus on sustainability and eco-packaging solutions. Launching Sept 2024.

Our Approach

We provide deep operational expertise to help you scale.


We understand that success begins with people. Different stages of a company require different skills to help it succeed.

A combination of generalists who excel in early-stage environments and specialists for crucial later-stage operations.

We aren't here to play the game. We want to win by executing proven strategies in the field.

Permanent Capital

We are actively looking for opportunities where we can leverage our experience to benefit your team.

We have long time horizons to make sure we never sacrifice long-term innovation for short-term profits.

We work with a sense of urgency. Big changes take time but we believe speed is crucial.

Efficient Growth

Growth at whatever cost is dead, marketing costs are higher than ever, and the best products don't win.

You need to win go-to-market. Lets talk artificial intelligence (AI), cookie-less environments, social media, communities, and influencer marketing.

Technology Focused

Beyond financial investments we are dedicated to tech-driven transformation to fuel competitive edges for growth.

Our technology teams capitalize on breakthrough advancements to unlock network effects and economies of scale to create a competitive moat for our companies.

Our Team

Our experiences range from launching pre-revenue startups to supercharging $B+ enterprises.

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Avishek Roy
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Mihir Mukherjee
Global partnerships
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Karla Cohen
Board advisor
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Abhijit Roy
Board advisor
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Darshini Waibel
Board advisor
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Zahid Jafry